Lotto Numbers Are You Using Your Lucky Numbers

When lotto started, we also started thinking about lotto numbers. In fact, we wondered about which number was the luckiest one and which one gave the winning streak. Because everyone wanted to win, a lot of people went looking for their own lucky lotto number.

A lot of people take lotto seriously that is why you will find them pondering deeply before they actually shade their number. Some look up lists for combinations that they already have made, supermarket numbers or even the random numbers that their kid scribbled on the wall. Who know, that could’ve been a sign to the winning streak.

You will find that there are quite a lot of ways to select your own lucky numbers. Some take up numerology and look if they hold the winning streak. Some use Chinese lucky numbers while others even use their birthday combination. Whatever you use, lotto numbers are up to you.

For the pioneers in this game, they list down the winning combination and use the frequently appearing numbers. This might work for some while it may not be so effective for others. Either way, if you think that this will increase your chances of winning then go ahead.

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While you play the game you will have to keep in mind that this game is entirely based on luck and that you can only increase the chances of winning by buying more lotto card and having more number combinations.

Whatever number combination you might come up with go with it. If you want to think it over than go ahead. It’s only when you shade your lotto numbers and put it in the draw box that you have a tiny percent of winning.

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