Poker Tips before You Sit Down

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Poker Tips before You Sit Down

So you watched a couple rounds of Texas Holdem on TV and now you are ready to get in the game. Well, take a step back and first consider your options. Poker is a game of more than just betting and raising. It is a game of skill and having an edge in your favor is always better then playing in the dark. I want to share with you some poker tips that just may help you save a little money and avoid losing cash while playing unprepared.

Assuming you have some knowledge of the game, what is your next step? Do you go to the local casino and get in on a No Limit cash game? This is probably not a wise choice. You’ll most likely be the dead money at the table.

What should you do? To prepare yourself for a live tournament or cash game, first play online in the free games offered by all the major poker rooms like and These free games let you take a stab at some free cash games and tournaments. Play as though you had real money on the line. Within a few minutes you will learn that free online play is game of bad habits. Don’t be fooled by the free play.

The only thing you want to do is play out hands like you would if it were real. The best thing about this is, if you should fold, the odds of someone else calling are still good. You’ll be able to see what the next card is and what your opponent had. Yes, they may have had a made hand, but most likely it was junk. This will give you exposure to the speed of play online, how many hands you see an hour, and how the game works. Do this for a couple of weeks until you are ready to make a money deposit and play for real.

Where to play? If you are in the United States, you have your choice to play in two of the best rooms – and They have superior customer service and the banking is much better than the rest. Recent laws and regulations have made it difficult to deposit and withdrawal cash for online gambling site. These two sites have some excellent choices when it comes to cash management. Also, remember to get your bonus code. When you deposit $100, you get an extra $50 or $100 in your account.

Some more information while learning the basics.

1. Only play small stakes
2. Take notes on your opponents
3. Read books to increase your knowledge of the game
4. Learn Poker odds
5. Try to learn the online tells of your opponents.
6. Avoid going on tilt

If you think you are ready – then give it a shot and remember to be wise with your money. Don’t force the live game until you’re ready.

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